Island Wings Company | Bartram Market




Bartram Market Development, Jacksonville, Florida


7,303 SF

This Island Wing Company Restaurant was site adapted for a development in Jacksonville, Florida. The building was sited on a prominent location in the development at the corner of Bartram Park Boulevard and Race Track Road. The building becomes a visual anchor for the development and is visible from the road when passing by the Bartram Park entrance element. Outdoor seating areas are located with views of the Bartram Park entrance and a retention pond. Both interior and exterior dining areas offer a casual and laid-back dining experience.

Outdoor seating area overlooking the development retention pond. Ceiling fans and overhead patio heaters in the outdoor seating areas provide a comfortable environment, year-round.

Lounge seating provides an alternative area/experience for customers to have a drink or a meal.

The pick-up window was positioned near the parking area and a public sidewalk, making it convenient for customers arriving by car or by foot, from other areas in the development.

The tower element provides a focal point and signage opportunity when viewed from the adjacent streets.