Maclay Center for Academic Excellence




3737 N. Meridian Rd, Tallahassee


6,540 SF

Maclay School’s Center for Academic Excellence is a facility that supports and promotes a high standard of learning for all students through support and extension opportunities. This project includes partial renovations to the interior, as well as the addition of several new exterior spaces. Improvements to the interior focused on creating a more welcoming environment for learning by bringing natural light into the building, upgrading finishes, and significant accessibility upgrades. The exterior improvements focused on creating a more visible entrance to the building through the addition of a new standalone signage wall, seating, and an open courtyard to the south of the building. A large open plaza and covered walkway on the east side of the building provides a space that can be used by students throughout the day, for events, or as an outdoor classroom space. The third component of the exterior improvements is a promenade leading from the east plaza to the north parking area and campus athletics facilities. The winding promenade incorporates landscaped beds, seat walls and a large circular area that can also be used as an outdoor gathering space.

The newly constructed walkway bridges interior and exterior spaces.

The new entryway fosters student engagement with its dynamic juxtaposition of color and texture.

New landscaping and paving surrounding the Center for Academic Excellence provides a warm and welcoming area for students and facilty to congregate.

A wood slat ceiling and 3D panelled wall welcome visitors into the building.

The renovation adds two more windows to this classroom, allowing for plenty of natural light and views to the outdoors. With mobile furniture, this room serves as a flexible multi-purpose space.